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It is the most used information method. Which is used through a questionnaire and it is necessary to know the basic rules for its correct development.

The questionnaire survey is an observation tool that allows quantifying and comparing information. Respondents are not asked to respond directly to them: a good questionnaire converts the basic problem into elementary questions to which the respondent will know how to respond without problems.

This information is collected among a representative sample of the population under evaluation.

The survey can be done through a personal interview, by phone, or through the mail. Recently, some companies are using the Internet to conduct surveys of their potential customers.

Types of Surveys[]

Personal Survey[]


It consists of an encounter with a person, at the initiative of the interviewer, with the objective of collecting certain information through the completion of a questionnaire.

Telephone Survey[]

It consists of a telephone conversation with the person from whom the information is obtained. The conversation will revolve around the questionnaire, with the interviewer having to write down the corresponding answers.

Postal Survey[]

It consists of sending a questionnaire by mail to a series of people, and they must also return it by mail, once they have completed it.

The questionnaire will be accompanied by a cover letter that arouses the interest of the recipient. Sometimes, it is necessary to offer some kind of gift, such as participation in a raffle, or something similar, thus achieving greater involvement.

Online Surveys[]

Online surveys are a study in which the researcher obtains data from a series of questions using the internet as a means of dissemination, such questions, as a traditional survey are directed to a representative sample of the population in order to know trends and opinions.

More and more surveys are being carried out online, because they offer many opportunities since they can reach hundreds of thousands of people instantly, and we can obtain the results immediately.

Advantages of Surveys[]

Using the survey as a means of data collection gives us some advantages:

Ease of Administration.[]

since the surveys are directed by certain people, they already have the questions asked to ask them to the respondent, this makes the survey that is carried out easier and more fluid.

Information Speed[]


In the surveys, a lot of information is obtained very quickly, since they are key questions which are formulated.

Cost Reduction[]

postal surveys save a great deal of costs, since we do not need intermediaries for this function, sending, receiving and manipulating results is done more easily and the cost is reduced.

Answers Anonymity[]

In online surveys, you can respond anonymously, this is a convenience for the person surveyed, as they do not feel judged or observed.

Ways to Apply a Survey[]

Definition and Design of the Survey.[]


Here we search for the reason for the survey, what we want to investigate, the purpose we seek with this survey, the questions we are going to ask are made and elaborated, knowing that they must be very specific and punctual for a greater collection of information.

Execution of the Survey and Collection of Information.[]

This survey is carried out, the interviewer must be a skilled person and have a good credibility, this to facilitate a greater collection of information, the interviewer must have an objective and impartial approach, in order to avoid manipulations in the surveys.

Analysis and Dissemination of Results.[]

The analysis depends on the interviewer and the institution in charge, no information should be hidden, transparency, objectivity and technical consistency are guaranteed in the final result. The people surveyed must have access to the results of this survey, the Access to these results must be broad, clear and easily accessible.