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It is the communication that is constituted by the

meeting of two or more people, usually called as the interviewer and the interviewee / s. usually in the interviews issues or issues of a professional or business nature are developed by using questions or statements that the interviewer raises so that the person interviewed shares his opinion or response in order to obtain certain information, whether personal or no.

The reasons why an interview is conducted, but most of the time they tend to see more in labor, clinical or journalistic matters.

Types of interview:[]

According to the number of participants:[]

  • Personal interview: It is the most usual type. The candidates are interviewed by a recruiter who tries to objectively and deeply recognize the person to know if he meets certain requirements to fulfill functions.
  • Group Interview: There may be different variants depending on the number of interviewers and interviewees, the most common are:
    1. Panel interview: Several interviewers are interviewing a single candidate.
    2. Online interview: Several interviewers who have different hierarchical levels are those who interview the candidate.
    3. Group dynamics interview: Candidates attend a meeting where they are observed by interviewers while the interviewees act in debates, games or simulated situations, this type of interview allows knowing the virtues of each candidate, such as their initiative, leadership, etc.

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According to the mode or channel:[]

  • Face-to-face interview: It is face-to-face in which both actors of the meeting must be in the same place, facing each other.
  • Telephone interview: It is used in the selection of personnel as a filter for the recruitment of employees when there is a high volume of candidates.

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  • Online interview: It is used in clinical and educational settings, it is used in selection processes of staff in large companies where candidates are usually found in the same locality.
  • Interview by mail: It is very common in the journalistic field, where a series of questions are sent and the interviewee responds to them. This process is little used for the selection process due to the little psychological information it provides.

According to the procedure:[]

  • Structured interview: Follow a series of fixed questions that are already prepared, those questions are applied to all candidates, this type of interview provides information to be compared with the other interviews with an emphasis on the necessary requirements.
  • Unstructured interview: It develops with open questions without established order, allowing the spontaneity and characteristics of a conversation.
  • Mixed interview: It is a mixture of unstructured and structured interview. The interviewer alternates structured questions and spontaneous questions.

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Other types of interviews:[]

  • Competency interview: The recruiter focuses on obtaining behavioral examples that help define or have a clear idea of the candidate's personal, academic and professional life, taking into account the needs of both the position and the company.
  • Tension provocation interview: This interview is used when the position to occupy is that of a manager, the objective is to create stressful or stressful situations to see the ability to solve problems that the candidate has

Interview preparation:[]

You should look for the type of interview to use to organize the processes or stages that should be done avoiding any improvisation, seeking a relaxing atmosphere to allow frank, fruitful dialogue and therefore a good and open communication.

The professional and rational attitude must be maintained at all times avoiding emotional manifestations seeking to advance the conversation with a practical sense.

Taking care of these points becomes paramount so as not to create spaces of distrust or tension that may affect the conversation, in addition, both parties involved (interviewer and interviewee) must prepare separately what is necessary for the proper conduct of the interview so that the Interview can flow naturally and accurately.


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Interview record:[]

Once our potential informants have been chosen, we must establish contact with one of them to explain the characteristic of the project or issue that is being carried out and obtain their agreement to be interviewed.

After saying this, an interview record format was completed. A model template will be carried out to record the data prior to the interview, the requirements named below should be filled in:

  • Project or theme.
  • Interviewed.
  • Last name and name.
  • Place and date of birth..
  • Other information of interest (depending on the case).
  • Notes (of interest at the time of conducting the interview).

In order to complete the interview record, an authorization model must be used, which gives all rights to filming, recordings, among other things.

Advantages and disadvantages of the interview:[]


Interviews have benefits for both applicants and interviewers. As a topic, you have the opportunity to use your own words to introduce yourself to a potential employer. You will probably have the opportunity to speak freely and describe your special abilities that make you a good candidate for the position. HR professionals use the interviews to get an idea of the applicant's personality, which can be difficult to distinguish from a resume or paper application. Telephone interviews have the added advantage of being convenient and easy to fix with little time for both parties.


The interviews have definite limitations. Some applicants may feel uncomfortable during personal interviews, causing them to forget about key points about themselves, giving a bad impression. HR professionals may find that interviews consume a large amount of time, including preparation time, which can make detection an essential first step in reducing the field of applicants before conducting interviews. Finally, the interviews are based on the interviewer's own judgment, and do not guarantee the best result.


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