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What is the document review?[editar | editar código]

It Is A technique of complementary observation, in the case of a register of actions and programs. The Documentary review allows to give an idea of the development and the characteristics of the processes and also the information that is confirmed or is put in doubt.


Revisión Documental

revisión documental

purpose[editar | editar código]

  • ·Inform about what is said.
  • · Provide an orientation that allows a better formulation of the problem.
  • save efforts, do not investigate what is already investigated

Examples[editar | editar código]

  • journals
  • manuals
  • spreadsheets
  • forums
  • books
  • Articles
  • several documents
  • Etc.

Stages [editar | editar código]

  • planning
  • Collection of information
  • Organización, Análisis e Interpretación
  • Results presentation

features[editar | editar código]

  • It is described by the use of documents; Compile, select, analyze and present consistent results.
  • uses the logical and mental procedures of any investigation; Analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction, etc..
  • Realization of a process of scientific abstraction, generalization based on the fundamental. Documentary tab
  • The documentary record is a record very similar to the bibliographic record, but this file deals with documents and includes information such as the main ideas and the place of presentation.

The data that should or may contain are:[editar | editar código]

  1. Name or names of the authors, promoters or addressees.
  2. Registry number
  3. File number, order or general registration.
  4. Instance or charging institution
  5. Signature of the person in charge or responsible (only in the printed version).

Bibliografías[editar | editar código]

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Authors[editar | editar código]

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